Edox Watch Servicing and Repairs

Edox UK Watch Servicing and Repairs

Full Service and Support

Edox UK repair and service watches.

We are sometimes touched by the e-mails and letters of gratitude that we receive from our clients as a result of us being able to restore or repair a treasured watch.

Edox are a very long established company and we repair Edox watches that are sometimes up to 60 years old.

So if you are thinking of getting your watch serviced or repaired please consider us as we will take the extra time to ensure that you are happy.

Your watch is a very important possession and we at Edox Watches UK make sure you get the best of service.


Please call Mark Kane on 01494 675160 who will be pleased to assist you or email, enquiries@edoxwatches.co.uk 

We have five star reviews for the quality and service of our repairs.