Edox Watch Membership Club

Edox Watch Membership Club

If you already own an Edox watch then just email us a picture of your watch and we will send you a discount code of at least 10% towards your next Edox watch purchase.

This offer is open to all Edox watch owners.

E-mail to,  enquiries@edoxwatches.co.uk

  • We will also keep you informed of any new Edox models that are being released like the new North Sea and Neptunian range.
  • The Edox limited edition watches normally sell-out within three months of release so it will be helpful to have advanced information on new releases.
  • Throughout the year thee may be additional promotions and discounts so its worth joining our club by sending us a picture of your watch.

Alternatively if we have serviced your watch at any time just send me an e-mail to,


Thank you

Mark Kane